Cruising on Apia Harbour the not-so-traditional way

Apia, 1 September 2014
Tokelau's Ulu and the Minister of Education rubbed shoulders with the United Nations General Secretary Ban-ki Moon and various other dignitaries, on the traditional Pacific canoe Hokule'a today. The lunchtime cruise on Apia Harbour provided a welcome brief change from their General Debate at the SIDS meeting. Media and others followed suit in its companion canoe, the Hikianalia.

Given the very busy programme of the would-be mariners, the trip was cut short by towing the boats out and back to shore again in a not-so-traditional way: the boards were not allowed to sail on Pacific time at his occasion! It was remarkable that a small rubber dinghy was all that was required to bring the large structures back to shore - a testament to the effectiveness of their light, wave-riding design.

Early in the morning the two vessels had arrived all the way from American Samoa. They received a rousing welcome by a large group of girls and boys in traditional Samoan taupo and manaia costumes. The same performers were impressing their top-level audience again at the departure of these  lunch-time cruisers.

Below: Samoan cultural performance at the landing site in Apia  Harbour.


The Hawaiian traditional canoe Hokule'a on Apia Harbour today.Rudder1Sep14-300
Hard work at the rudder when turning the Hikianalia back to shore.

Offloading guests from the Hikianalia.