Leon's staff raise the Tokelau image

Apia 1 September 2014
Staff at Leon's Restaurant and Bar will be wearing Tokelau T-shirts during the SIDS conference week. The Tokelau Minister of Education Mrs Saili Patea presented the items to Leon's manager Mr Ti'a Lafaele Ngau Chun this morning.

Leon's restaurant is on the first floor of the SNPF building in Apia, as are most of the departments of the Tokelau Apia Liaison Office (TALO). Leon's food catering is often well appreciated by the participants of training sessions and meetings held in the TALO conference rooms. Having the restaurant next-door also allows social discussions to continue after the formal meetings are closed.

Leon has already been supportive in promoting Tokelau's cause during the SIDS conference weeks, by proudly displaying on its balcony the large banner stating "Tokelau leading the world in renewable energy".

Leon's manager Mr Ti'a Lafaele Ngau Chun this morning receives the Tokelau T-shirts from Minister of Education Mrs Saili Patea.