Tokelau Coastal and Land Management Project underway

TokFAOProject26Sept2014The team from Tokelau that was in Samoa for two weeks last year, to learn about different agricultural businesses from Women in Business. (See previous article)
 The Government of Tokelau and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have signed a five-year agreement to assist Tokelau with protecting its coastal areas. This will help preserve some native plants that are on the verge of extinction.
The Coastal and Land Management project focuses on replanting. It looks not only at native plants in the forests, but also at coastal areas that are sensitive to erosion.
The project had started off with the Department for Economic Development, Natural Resources and Environment (EDNRE) carrying out consultations and land mapping on all three Tokelauan atolls. This was in response to a Land Use Planning survey that took place earlier this year.
Another focus of the project is agriculture for food security. This will promote gardening for women, and keeping livestock.
It is the first-ever FAO project in Tokelau, since the country became an associate member in 2011.
The total cost of the project is US$40,000 funded by FAO.
The project is expected to be completed within five years; its progress will be reviewed every year.