pinOpenning Statements
Tokelau Renewable Energy Project Launching in October.
Jonathan Kings
Administrator of Tokelau
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Hon. Kerisiano Kalolo
Titular Head of Tokelau
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Foua Toloa
Minister of Fakaofo
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Solar Project

The world’s first truly renewable energy nation

 Solar power plants and coconut biofuel-powered generators  switched on in Tokelau has made the islands the world’s first truly renewable nation.’
Imagine a place where the only energy to be found is clean, reliable solar power. Solar Array’s seen on the three tiny islands of Tokelau to completely produce solar power energy.

 The renewable energy system comprising of solar panels, storage batteries and generators running on biofuel derived from coconut will generate enough electricity to meet 150% of the islands’ power demand.
 These systems are part of the Tokelau Renewable Energy Project that has been funded by the New Zealand government and represents one of the largest off-grid renewable energy projects in the world.
With this project, the islands will make the transition from being completely dependent on imported fuels to being completely energy independent.

Monitoring System installed

The environmental and social perspective, the overall impact is very positive.
The atolls have an abundance of unused coconuts since copra production was discontinued around 30 years ago.
There are no negative impacts of the project, but several advantages including a reduction in waste oil production and disposal issues. The presence of large lead acid battery banks do pose a potential environmental concern, however adequate training and planned recycling mechanisms will ensure that this risk is mitigated.
solar3SOLAR INVERTERS: a critical component in a photovoltaic system, allowing the use of ordinary commercial appliances.
Tokelau was challenged and many times encountered difficult decisions to be made in the process. But joyous celebration to mark the launching will hope that many other nations will follow and be motivated to bringing on the new solar energy generation.
 Tokelau spends about $829,000 every year to import fuels. The government of Tokelau now plans to spend these savings on other essential services like health and education. The savings will also be used to repay the grants and financial assistance the government received from New Zealand government for this project.