Councils of Elders
General Fono
Council for the Ongoing Government of Tokelau

Tokelau consists of three atolls: Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo. The village on each atoll is governed by its own Council of Elders (Taupulega) which is the source of authority / pule.

The 3 Taupulega will have delegated collectively by July 1 2004 the authority of the villages to the General Fono regarding national matters for them to govern / manage on behalf of Tokelau.

The General Fono is the parliament of Tokelau and meets 3-4 times a year for 3-4 days a session on the atoll where the Ulu-o-Tokelau (head of government) resides. The position of Ulu-o-Tokelau rotates among the three Faipule to allow each village to take turn in hosting and witnessing the swearing in of parliament after general elections every three years.

[FYI - Rotation based on Feb08 GF decision as follows:

2011 - Fakaofo

2012 - Atafu

2013 - Nukunonu

2014 - Atafu

2015 - Nukunonu

When the General Fono is not in session Tokelau is governed by an executive council called the Council for the Ongoing Government of Tokelau composed of the 3 Faipule and 3 Pulenuku (village mayors). This new composition of the Council was established at the November 2003 General Fono. Originally the Council consisted of the 3 Faipule.

Supporting the General Fono and the Council for the Ongoing Government is the national public service, consisting of the General Manager, Apia, and Directors of Health, Education, Transport and Support Services, and Economic Development, as well as other departmental staff.

Supporting each Taupulega is a General Manager (also known as Director or Coordinator) who heads the villages "Office of the Taupulega", and other public staff members including teachers, medical staff and the traditional workforce.

Members of the General Fono

Currently Nukunonu has 6 members, Fakaofo 7 and Atafu 7. The number of members is based on population figures from the last census.

Both Faipule and Pulenuku automatically become members of the General Fono.

Members of the Council for the Ongoing Government of Tokelau

Council for the Ongoing Government of Tokelau 2011-2013

Portfolios under the Ulu

Foreign Relations
General Fono & Cabinet
Youth, Sports, Culture & Women Affairs
National Public Service


Faipule Foua Toloa
Public Utilities (Telecommunication & Energy)
Phone: (690)3211
Pulenuku O'Tinielu Tuumuli Phone: (690)3191


Faipule Salesio Lui
Support Services
Phone: (690)4131
Pulenuku Panapa Sakaria Phone: (690)4162


Faipule Kerisiano Kalolo
Ulu o Tokelau

Economic Development, Natural Resources &  Environment
Phone: (690)2131

Pulenuku Faafetai Taumanu  Phone: (690)2185



Foua Toloa Faipule
O'Tinielu Tumuli Pulenuku (Mayor)
Penehe Tulafono Law Commissioner
Tino Vitale General Manager, Tokelau Teletok
Livi Mativa School Principal
Safiti Gaualofa Police Sergeant
Rev Mose Peleti Pastor
Hina Puka Kelekolio Coordinator for Taupulega Office
Dr. Iuta Sili Resident Doctor
General Fono Delegates
Foua Toloa (Faipule)
Tinielu Tuumuli (Pulenuku)
Koloue O'Brien (for Taupulega Rep)
Gaualofa Gaualofa (for Taupulega Rep)
Makalika Vitale (Fatupaepae)
Kaio Isaako (Aumaga)
Kelesoma (for Taupulega Rep)


Salesio Lui
Panapa Sakaria
Pulenuku (Mayor)
Ioane Tumua
Law Commissioner
Iosefo Vulu
School Principal
Police Sergeant
Father O'Connor
Sakaria Patelesio General Manager for Taupulega Office
General Fono Delegates
Salesio Lui (Faipule)
Panapa (Pulenuku)
Ioane Tumua (Taupulega Rep)
Mika Perez (Taupulega Rep)
Hili Aleki (Fatupaepae)
Kele Perez (Taulelea)


Kerisiano Kalolo Faipule
Faafetai Taumanu
Pulenuku (Mayor)
Salasopa Semu Iupati
Law Commissioner
Tessa Kirifi
Director of Education
John Kalolo
Reupena Leitu
Police Sergeant
Rev Iosua Fa'amaoni
Luisa Sale Director for Taupulega Office
Dr. Lameka Sale Resident Doctor
General Fono Delegates
Kerisiano Kalolo (Faipule)
Faafetai Taumanu (Pulenuku)
Kelisiano Kalolo (Taupulega Rep)
Enosa Sirila (Taupulega Rep)
Lepaia Simi (Taupulega Rep)
Vasi Aleni (Fatupaepae)
Nofo Iupati (Aumaga)

Tokelau Affairs Liaison Office - Apia              

Jovilisi Suveinakama
General Manager, Apia
Asofa Fereti Director of Transport & Support Services
Mikaele Perez
Director for Economic Development
Silivia Tavite
Director of Health
Heto Puka (Acting Director)
Director of Finance
Lili Tuioti Education Adviser and Planning & Monitoring Unit

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