Tokelau's March quarter CPI rises 0.7 percent

Information Release: Tokelau National Statistics Office, 26 April 2017

The consumer price index (CPI) of Tokelau increased 0.7 percent for the March 2017 quarter. The Tokelau National Statistics Office released this figure today.

Some of the items that contributed to the rise in CPI in this quarter were biscuits and crackers (up 61 percent), cheese-flavoured corn snacks (up 50 percent), and corned beef (up 17 percent). Other foods however became cheaper, for example cooking oil (down 20 percent) and chicken (down 6 percent).

As a group, the Furnishings, household equipment and routine household maintenance rose 5.6 percent in this quarter.
Prices fell for petrol (down 7.9 percent) and fabric (down 11 percent).

Prices for the Internet came down 45 percent: this is the first price change in the Communication group since the Tokelau CPI began to be monitored in June 2012*.

Cigarette prices remained unchanged in this quarter.

In the entire year to the March 2017 quarter, the CPI of Tokelau fell 1.8 percent.

The largest group downward contribution to the annual decrease came from Internet prices in the Communication group (down 23 percent), as explained above.

Other groups with reduced prices were Furnishings, household equipment and routine household maintenance (down 16 percent), Miscellaneous goods and services (down 7 percent), as well as Housing, water, electricity gas and other fuels (down 0.8 percent).

The main upward group contribution for the year to the March 2017 quarter came from Transport (up 5.3 percent).
The full information release on the Tokelau CPI, including tables and technical notes, is available from

* A revision of our CPI calculation is underway that will better reflect current consumer spending in Tokelau. Based on the 2015/16 Household Income and Expenditure Survey, the first updates will be presented for the June 2017 quarter – to be published in July.

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