Office of the Council for the Ongoing Government (OCOG)

The Office of the Council for the Ongoing Government of Tokelau (OCOG) is responsible for providing support and advice to the leaders of Tokelau, managing its foreign relations and working closely with the villages in developing and implementing national programmes and activities.

OCOG is realigning its Departmental Mission and Work Plan in accordance with the Tokelau National Strategic Plan (2010-2015).

To achieve this, OCOG’s Mission is to support our leaders and departments achieve national development resulting in a good quality of life for all our people without compromise to our environment and future viability.

OCOG will achieve its vision by ensuring:
  1. That our leaders make decision in accordance with the principles of good governance and with respect to our culture;
  2. That all Villages and Departments work together to achieve Tokelau’s vision and objectives under the Tokelau National Strategic Plan (2010-2015);
  3. That Tokelau’s relationship with New Zealand will be built in accordance to the Principles of Partnership;
  4. That all national activities will continue to be implemented in a manner that is respectful of our communities and their culture and environment; and
  5. That Tokelau values and upholds Christianity.
The above will be delivered in consideration of the following values and principles:
·        Respecting the uniqueness of each of the villages
·        The villages are the foundation of the nation
·        The national office (in Apia, Samoa) belongs to and provide services to all the people of Tokelau
·        Value honesty and integrity
·        Value each other & working colleagues
·        Commitment, consistency, transparency & accountability
·        Respect & value Tokelau language, culture & religious beliefs
·        Value efficiency & timely delivery of services
·        Timely and accurate reporting
·        Coordinate efficient, effective advice
·        Value critique and constructive feedback
In realigning our Department’s Operation with the National Strategic Plan (NSP) we have absorbed key strategies from the NSP into our programmes and workplans which would provide the terms of reference for our Department. We envisage that there will be at times where the strategy will be shared with other departments and villages. In the event this occurs the Department will endeavour to work closely with that department and village to ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively.