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2019 Tokelau Population Count

The TNSO undertook the 2019 Population Count in December 2019 in order to meet the requirements of Tokelau's constitution. The count forms the basis for the number of elected representatives for each nuku at the General Fono.

The 2019 Population Count was undertaken in accordance with the Statistics Rules 2013, and the Constitution of Tokelau 2009.


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Counting the population

The TNSO counts every man, woman, and child in Tokelau, as well as Tokelauan Tokelau Public Service employees based in Apia, and their immediate families.

To be considered a usual resident of Tokelau for the purposes of the count people must fit within specific criteria. The usual resident criteria  describe who can be counted as part of the usually resident population of Tokelau. It is available in English and Tokelauan.

The Population Count was held on Thursday, 12 December 2019 across all three atolls and in Apia, Samoa. This was to allow for a true snapshot of the usually resident population of Tokelau on the day of the count.



The forms used in the 2019 Population Count are similar to the forms used in the 2013 Population Count and have the same questions as some of the basic questions asked in the 2016 Census. They include a limited number of questions, designed to determine and update information on the usually resident population of Tokelau. Four forms are used in the count, one for each nuku, and one for the Tokelauan Tokelau Public Service employees and their immediate families based in Apia, Samoa.

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2013 Tokelau Population Count


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