Te Vakai

2 Old Edition of the Te Vakai First Edition
Womens Group Brings The Sunshine
tevakai1 New Version of The Te Vakai 1st Edition
Meleka Mativa
Christmas Edition-1 2nd Edition (2010 Christmas)
Christmas Miracle
3 3rd Edition
Eight Students Graduate in 2010 
4 4th Edition
Twilight Operation
5th Edition
The Big Picture
6th Edition
Pacific Games 2011
7th-Edition-Te-Vakai-1 7th Edition
Water is Rising
final-tevakai-20118th Edition (2011 Christmas)
Best All Round for Tokelau
9th Edition
Sports Symposium
te-vakai-10th-ed210th Edition
The 2012 Ulu o Tokelau

11th Edition11th Edition
Tokelau Congratulates Samoa
12th-Te-Vakai-web-Icon12th Edition
Tsunami Modelling
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