Director of Health & Director of Fisheries Management Agency

Applications are invited from suitably qualified and experienced applicants to the following positions. These are senior positions in the Tokelau Public Service and are responsible for managing and overseeing core services within these government departments. The positions are: (i) Director of Health; (ii) Director of the Fisheries Management Agency.


Key duties and responsibilities:

Director of Health

Director of Fisheries Management Agency

Provide leadership for the development of effective health services in Tokelau

Manage and lead department operations, budget, staff and systems

Provide advice to the Minister of Health, Village Taupulega and Council of the Ongoing Government on health issues.

Provide fisheries service and advice to the Minister of Fisheries, Council and Administrator

Ensure residents of Tokelau requiring secondary and tertiary health services are referred for appropriate diagnosis and treatment in Samoa or New Zealand.

Attend and represent Tokelau to regional and international fisheries meetings

Manage department operations, budget and staff.


Ensure development of the FMA Strategic and Annual Department Plan in consultation with relevant partners consistent with the Tokelau Fisheries Policy and Offshore Fisheries Management Plan

Manage department external relationship

Manage department external relationship

Other assigned duties

Other assigned duties


The successful applicant will be assessed according to the following criteria:

Director of Health

Director of Fisheries Management Agency

Academic degree (preferably at least at the postgraduate level) in the health sector, or at least 5 years relevant management experiences in a senior health management role

Sound academic background (preferably with a Bachelor or Master’s degree or at least 5 years relevant fisheries and organisational management experience)

Excellent knowledge and understanding of small island state health issues and has experience with health policy and administration with the ability to provide advice at a political level

Ability to strongly advocate a Tokelau position in bilateral and multilateral environments


Experience of negotiations/discussions with senior government staff, non-government agencies and multilateral organisations with matters pertaining to formulation and implementation of health policies and strategies

Knowledge of legal and institutional arrangements for international fisheries management

Strategic thinker with excellent strategic planning skills and experience with the ability to manage services within budget

Excellent skills and experience in strategic and business planning, financial management and a good understanding of fisheries management principles and practices

Proven high standard of written and oral communication in English (Tokelauan desirable)

Proven high standard of written and oral communication in English (Tokelauan desirable)

Awareness of Tokelau culture with the ability to operate effectively within that cultural context without compromising the remit of the role.

Understanding and awareness of the Tokelau culture and institutions and a passion for Tokelau and its sustainable development


Position locations:

Director of Health

Director of Fisheries Management Agency

Nukunonu, Tokelau

Fakaofo, Tokelau


Successful applicants will be employed on fixed term 3 year contracts. Salaries will be in accordance with the approved Tokelau Public Service Remuneration Framework.


If you are interested, suitably qualified and with the relevant experience, please submit your application with the following to the address below by Friday, 13th Nov 2020; i) application letter detailing a self-assessment against the requirements of the position; ii) updated curriculum vitae; and iii) names and contact details (preferably email addresses) of two professional referees.


Tokelau Public Service Commissioner

Office of the Tokelau Public Service Commission

Attn: Human Resource Manager

P.O. Box 3298




Please contact the above email for a copy of the job description if required.