General Manager, National, Office of the Council for the Ongoing Government

Better governance and management of financial and human resources in the Tokelau Public Services are areas of
focus of the Government of Tokelau. To achieve these, restructuring and re-aligning of functions of some key
departments including the Office of the Council are currently .under consideration. This position replaces that called
General Manager, Apia. It signals the relocation of the Office of the Council from Apia to Tokelau.

The Office of the Council is responsible for the provision, management and coordination of advice to government on
internal matters, and those on external relations, especially with the Government of New Zealand. Applications are
therefore invited from suitably qualified and experienced candidates to the position of General Manager, National of
the Office of the Council.

The successful applicant is expected to have the relevant experiences in overseeing and managing the following
duties and responsibilities.
  • Coordinate and oversee national policy making and provision of advice to key governance institutions;
  • Manage the servicing of the Council, liaise with three Taupulega offices
  • Liaise with New Zealand through the Office of the Administrator of Tokelau, regional and international countries and agencies
  • Manage the dissemination of information from national government

Applications will be assessed according to the following personal skills and qualities:
  • Awareness and understanding of Tokelau context, and proven high standard of written and oral communication skills in Tokelauan and English
  • Understand development needs of Tokelau regarding good governance practice for self-government
  • Management and supervisory skills – proven understanding of managing, administering and supervising day to day activities
  • Team worker and ability to organise and prioritise workload and work in tight deadlines
  • Ability to lead and motivate others, a team player, and a self-starter and to initiate appropriate actions
  • Ability to objectively appraise complex issues & systems and formulate sound, sensitive and clear policy advice
  • Cooperative, energetic, determination, resourcefulness, versatility and resilience.

The successful candidate must satisfy the following requirements:
  • Tertiary qualification from a recognized educational institution in the fields of management or international relations or finance or equivalent qualification
  • Proven experience in public service management for a period of at least 10 years
  • Life experiences in a developing small country.
This is a contracted position for three years, and will be based in Fakaofo, Tokelau until the term of the next Ulu o
Tokelau starts. The successful candidate is expected to move from island to island on an annual basis to follow the
Uluship of Tokelau. A salary in accordance with the Tokelau salary framework will be negotiated.

If interested, please submit the following: i) an application letter detailing a self-assessment against the experiences
and skills required for the position; ii) updated CV; and iii) three recently written references from professional
referees with their valid contact details. Applications are to be received by 4.00pm, Friday, 20 th July2018. For further
information, please contact Kele Lui on: .

Office of the Tokelau Public Service Commission
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