Job Vacancy: OVERSEER/SUPERVISOR Atafu Taupulega Office (closes 19 May 2017)

Office of the Taupulega, ATAFU, TOKELAU
The Taupulega Atafu (Village Council) is looking for an experienced and a result-focused individual to join our team in the Taupulega Office, Atau, Tokelau, as an OVERSEER/SUPERVISOR for the Atafu Workforce and Contractors.

The OVERSEER is responsible for ensuring that the contractors/workforce meet the milestones and timeframes as agreed to in their contracts and their job descriptions. The Overseer is to ensure all construction work are being constructed by following and applying the New Zealand Building Code.

Key Duties and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to;
  • Co-ordinate construction work according to plan
  • Guarantee all safety precautions and quality standards are met
  • Supervise and train workers
  • Report on work progress on a fortnightly/monthly basis as required by the Taupulega
  • Work with the HR Manager to ensure that Health & Safety Standards for workers and the workplace are met at all times.
  • Meet regularly with the Director of the Office of the Taupulega to discuss solutions and a way forward for progressing all works under his supervision
  • Have regular meetings with the workforce and contractors to ensure that all projects are progressing well and that all concerns of workers are addressed.
  • Liaise between the Project Officer, Bulk Manager and Director of the Office of the Taupulega to ensure manpower and resources are adequate.
Personal Requirements: The applicant must meet the following:
  • Proven experience as In-depth knowledge of construction procedures, equipments and Health & Safety guidelines
  • At least 3 years of experience in this field
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills
  • Ability to read drawings and plans
  • Ability to communicate and report effectively
  • Understanding of electrical and hydraulic systems
  • Have ability to work without supervision
  • Excellent in both oral and written (Tokelauan and English)
  • Ability to resolve problems
A full job description is available on request.

The successful candidate will be initially contracted for three years. Your Salary Range is NZ$21,648 - $29,766 based on the Tokelau Public Service Salary Scale. The position will be based in Atafu, Tokelau.

If interested, please submit the following:
i) an application letter with your name and signed.
ii) updated Curriculum Vitae.
iii) The names and details of 3 referees.
Please send your application preferably by email to the below address no later than 19 May 2017.

Enquiries can be made to:
Tessa Kirifi
Atafu Taupulega
Email address:
Telephone: (690) 22216/22116

Ko te Taupulega Atafu e manakomia e kilatou he tino agavaka, he tino e ia te ia te poto mahani ma te iloa ma, ko he tino e galue malohi i te tulaga TAUKIKILA MA ONOONO NA GALUEGA ATIAKE VENA MA HO HE GALUEGA FAKATINO I LUGA O ATAFU, ke faigaluega mo te Taupulega, Fakalapotopotoga ma na kaiga uma i luga o Atafu.

o te tino tenei, e gafa ma te fakamautinoaga ko na tino konekalate ma te kaufaigaluega kēni e fakatino na galuega vena ma na taimi fakatatia kua malilie fakatahi kiei mo te fakatinoga o na galuega atiake a te nuku, kaiga vena ma te malo i luga o Atafu. Ke fakamautinoa ko na galuega mo na fauga fale uma e apalai ma fakaaoga te hihitemi mo na faugafale a Niuhila.

Ko ni vaega ienei o na tiute mo te galuega tenei;
  • Taukikila ma fakamautinoa ko na galuega e fakatino hako fuafua ki te peleni kua fakatatia
  • Fakamautinoa e fakatino e te kaufaigaluega ma mulimuli ki na auala mo to latou haogalemu i na taimi e fakatino ai a latou galuega
  • Taukikila ma fai ni akoakoga ma na kaufaigaluega
  • Fai ni lipoti ki te Taupulega ki te tulaga o na galuega taki mahina/2 vaiaho fuafua ki na manakoga o te Taupulega
  • Galulue ma te Fakahoa o te Kaufaigaluega Tautua ke mautinoa ko na takiala fakatatia mo te olamalolo ma te haogalemu o te kaufaigaluega e kikila e te tofi tenei e mulimuli taki kiei i taimi uma
  • Faifai pea ni talanoaga ma te Fakatonu o te Ofiha o te Taupulega ke mautinoa e iei ni talanoaga mo te fakagahologa ma te auala ki mua o te fakatinoga o na galuega uma e i lalo o te kikilaga a te tofi tenei.
  • Fai ni fonotaga haele ma na kaufaigaluega ke fakamautinoa ko na galuega e holoholo lelei te fakatinoga ma ke mautinoa ko na popolega uma o te kaufaigaluega e fakailoa ma fakatino.
  • Fai ni fehokotakiga ma te Tino Hokotaga mo na Polokalame Atiake, Pule Fakahoa o te Paaka ma te Fatonu o te Ofiha o te Taupulega ke fakamautinoa ko na hapalai talafegai mo na galuega e maua i te taimi e manakomia ai mo na galuega.
Vaega taua e manakomia i te galuega tenei;
  • E malamalama i na tulaga ma na auala i te fakatinoga o ni galuega lalahi, vena na mahini e fakaaoga, ma na auala e tatau fakatino mo te ola malolo ma te malupuipuia o tagata faigaluega
  • E tatau ke katoa he 3 tauhaga na tautua ai koe i he galuega venei
  • Lelei tona tulaga faka Takitaki Kaufaigaluega
  • E lava te iloa matau na ata o na peleni mo ni galuega lalahi
  • Lelei te hokotaga ma ietahi Ofiha faigaluega/Ofiha o te Taupulega ma lipoti i te tulaga o na galuega
  • E lava te iloa ma malamalama i na tulaga tau eletihe ma na galuega tau palama
  • E mafai ke galue tautahi
  • E lelei te tuhituhi ma te tautala i te gagana Tokelau ma te Igilihi
  • E lelei i te tulaga o te fofoga o ni fakafitauli
E iei te Taki o na Galuega mo te tofi tenei kafai e manakomia.

Ko te avanoa tenei e o mo he 3 tauhaga. Ko te totogi e NZ$21,648 - $29,766 i te tauhaga e ve ona fakatulaga mai ai i loto o na totogi mo te Kaufaigaluega Tautua a Tokelau.

Kafai koe e initalehi oi tuku mai na vaega iene:
i) Tuhi apalai ma haini mai to igoa.
ii) Fakamatalaga o to olaga akoakoga.
iii) Ni igoa ma na fakamatalaga o ni laufali e tokatolu. Fakamolemole oi tuku mai tau tuhi apalai ki te Ofiha o te Taupulega, Atafu. Ko te avanoa tenei e fakagata i te aho 19 Me 2017.