Senior Secondary Educations Programme Teacher

Applications are invited for a qualified and experienced school teacher to take up the following
vacant teaching position in Tokelau.
  • Secondary School Level Teacher (1 position) to teach Language and Social Science subjects at the Senior Secondary Education Programme for Years 12 and 13. The ability to teach USP’s degree level courses is an advantage.

Qualifications and Experience:
The preferred applicant is someone who has
  • the knowledge and experience teaching at the senior secondary level and above and is familiar with USP’s pre-tertiary and degree level programmes.
  • a minimum qualification of Bachelor’s degree in the relevant area or has some relevant qualification in teaching, such as, a Bachelors degree in Teaching or Education, equivalent or higher from a recognised institution.
  • had at least 5 years of teaching at the senior secondary school levels or higher.
This position is suited for individuals with a wide experience in teaching in the required level
and subject areas, and is willing to work in a remote environment.

The position is contracted for 3 years and is based in Atafu, Tokelau.

The employment package is subject to the Hay Group Remuneration Framework for the Tokelau
Public Service, but can be negotiated depending on qualifications and experiences.

Please contact one of the following people for further information and/or the job description.
When making applications a covering letter and curriculum vitae plus any other necessary and
relevant information should be forwarded by email to the same people no later than the 6 th of
August 2018.

Fulitusitapu Alovaka                                                                                Seiuli Aleta
Deputy Director of Education                                                                     Director of Education
Department of Education                                                                           Department of Education Head Office
Fakaofo, TOKELAU                                                                                   Atafu, TOKELAU
Phone: (+690) 23227 (Tokelau)                                                                 Phone: (+690) 22178 (Tokelau)
(+685) 758 5532 (Samoa)                                                                           (+685) 7701177 (Samoa)
Email:                                              Email: