Ship Manager

TRANSTOK, through the Tokelau Department of Transport seeks applications from suitably
qualified candidates for the position of Ship Manager. Reporting directly to the Director,
the Ship Manager is responsible for the effective and efficient management of TRANSTOK
vessel(s), management of crew and ensuring that the vessel(s) and its operation meet
regulatory requirements and complies with Company Policies. The Ship Manager is expected
to foster close working relationships both within Tokelau and outside of Tokelau to ensure
smooth operations of the vessel(s). Starting salary will be based on qualifications and
  1. Applications must include a signed covering letter explaining with specific examples how your skills and abilities suit the role, updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) with employment history, work experience and qualifications.
  2. Applicants must provide names and contact details of at least 3 referees.
  3. Applications must be marked “Application for the position of Ship Manager” and addressed to the
Department of Transport and Support Services
Government of Tokelau
Tokelau Apia Liaison Office
Savalalo, Apia

Or via email

         4. Applications will be closed on Monday 30th April 2018 @ 4pm. Late applications will NOT be accepted.

A copy of the Job Description is available from Savalalo (opposite Le Well Apartments/All
Things Sweet Café) or on the Government of Tokelau official website

For further information please contact Galumalemana Margaret Sapolu on telephone
7770059 or email


Position Description

Job Title: Ship Manager

Location: Transtok Apia Office and Tokelau when and where required.

Purpose/Objectives: The primary objective of the Ship Manager is to ensure the effective and
efficient management of TRANSTOK vessel(s), management of crew and ensuring that the vessel(s)
and its operation meet regulatory requirements and complies with Company Policies. The Ship
Manager is responsible for the asset management of the vessel(s), management of crew and
ensuring that the vessel and its operation meet regulatory requirements and comply with Company
Policies. He/She is the company senior representative with respect to the ISM Safety Management
System and is responsible for health safety and environment issues in respect of shipboard activities.

Reports to: Director

Key Relationships: Director, Operations Manager, Ship Masters, Manager Support Services,
Manager Procurement, Freight staff Apia and Tokelau, Transport Officers Tokelau.

Key Task Key Results
Ensuring the ships are operated in an efficient and
safe manner
No lost time injuries, high potential incidents, pollution or
Near Miss reporting encouraged with records of reports
and close outs.
Records of performance indicators in regard of ship
Supervising the vessel operational and maintenance
activities to ensure reliable and quality service to
passengers and clients
Passenger complaints followed up.
Trends in incidents and complaints analysed and
Records of improvement to cargo and passenger services.
Statutory requirements complied with at all times.
Manage and audit where necessary the
performance of subcontracted services and
Key performance indicators of contactor supply.
Evidence of contactor audit and service level.
Evidence of robust contract management.
Maintaining safety standards and procedures to
ensure vessel/s are compliant with all relevant
statutory requirements
Compliance register maintained.
No recoded non-compliances against statutory
requirements in third party audit and inspections.
Ensuring vessel/s are inspected and audited by
internal and external bodies in accordance with Flag
and Class Regulations;
Third party audits and inspections completed within
Minimal disruption to services.
Economic use of survey organisations, synergy’s
Monitoring all vessel operational expenses and
effecting actions where necessary to maintain
Evidence of cost identification and control measures.
Cost reporting and forecasting quarterly.
Records of on safe operations, procedures and policies for
Investigate accidents and incidents, instigating and
recording corrective action
Records of incident investigation as appropriate to the
circumstances, follow up and close out
Contribute to Management System reviews Minutes of meeting demonstrate contribution and stated
Provide analysis and monitoring of operational data
to ensure potential problems are prevented and
risks are mitigated.
Sound and timely advice to Ship Masters and Director on
any special requirements identified.
Liaise with Director Operations Manager with
respect to the composition, standards, employment
conditions, selection, training and discipline of sea
staff. This will include review and comment on all
personal evaluations and evaluations for promotion
where appropriate
Vessel is manned by fit, competent and qualified crew.
Annual personnel review records. Recommendations and
follow up to development of staff.
All vacant positions are filled in a timely fashion with
qualified and experienced personnel.
On-going professional development training in place for
all crew members.
Crew contracts are well managed.
Maintaining appropriate records of the functions
above as required by the company’s procedures
Internal and External audit results positive
Ensuring Company operations and supply chain
activities are completed in an efficient and safe
Cargo operations completed within allocated timeframes
Cargo correctly packaged for transit. No rejections.
Good claims records – continuous improvement.
No accidents / incidents in regard of cargo operations.
Oversight of Safety Management Systems / ISM and
ISPS matters with Ship Master to ensure safety,
security and environmental compliance.
No non-conformities on third party audits / inspections in
regard of vessel operational activities.
Act as Company Security Officer under the ISPS
regulations Liaise with Director, Operational
Manager on vessel interface with operational,
passenger and cargo activities.
ISPS conformity.
No evidence of conflict between functional departments
resulting in loss.

Minimum Educational Qualifications:
• Higher level vocational qualification in a Maritime discipline
• Evidence of professional development outside of vocational qualification or role.

Minimum Previous Experience:
• Senior officer level on a sea going vessel
• Shore experience in ship management operations, inspection or survey

Minimum Additional Training:
• Internal training on the company safety management systems
• Internal training in regard of the unique challenges faced by Tokelau shipping and the wider
operational environment.

Other Skills:
• A leader in safety, influencing by example and mentoring others to promote culture
change and continuous improvement.
• Good understanding of maritime regulation and the legislative framework applying to
vessel operation (SOLAS, MARPOL, ISM Code, Flag State, Class, MLC).
• Culturally aware and sensitive to the aspirations of the stakeholder group.
• Able to converse knowledgably, persuasively and with confidence on their subject brief.
• A flexible attitude with willingness to adapt to the varied demands of the service and take
advantage of the personal development opportunities such a working environment