Station Manager Fakaofo (TeleTok)

Position Title: Station Manager Fakaofo

Report directly to: CEO

Key Relationships: Teletok SMT

Location: Fakaofo Station

Key Departmental Aims:
• Manage Fakaofo station PSTN, mobile, satellite and last mile networks infrastructures.
• Responsible for consistent provision of telecommunications and ICT services on station.
• Guide local technical capacity and share knowledge and skills.


  • Oversee the station’s operational activities.
  • Requires to have very good understanding of the whole current networks infrastructure on site station in terms of the fixed network indoor and outdoor network, mobile indoor and outdoor network, billing network, offshore cloud network, satellite connectivity network, submarine cable network, last mile network and in-house or building internet set up network.
  • Requires to have a good understanding of practical policies and standards on telecommunications and ICT, new generation networks, wireless, submarine cable, satellite link components, fibre optic cable (GPON), Carrier grade, VDSL, spectrum, disaster recovery, occupation, health and safety (OHS) on ground, IT equipment, mobile devices and any new development on telecommunications networks.
  • To ensure and monitor the PSTN local, national and international calls and internet service are consistently provided and sustained on 24/07 basis and attend faults if needed.
  • To ensure repair and maintenances plans on the PSTN are aligned to workplans and followed accordingly and prepare premises outside cleaning schedules.
  • Have the potential to develop and contribute positively to the corporation strategic processes of workplans implementation schedules and align to Teletok Corporate Plan 2016-2020 schedule of capital projects development and implementation plans.
  • Collaborate and work closely with the different remote support teams on the current networks and able to undertake online trainings to ensure staff work performance and job know-how improvements are achieved.
  • Monitor and deliver quarterly and annual workplans for station departments and sections on site and report directly to the CEO.
  • Good understanding on the corporation operational practical guidance on manuals, policies and procedures on information technology, repair and maintenance, fraud, risk management, and ensure all policies and procedures are followed accordingly on site.
  • Provide technical regular monthly reports on standard reporting templates of technical, administration, and finance directly to CEO.
  • Be alert on any technical issues on site and apply ethical decision- making in an event of an extraordinary circumstance(s) and report directly CEO.
  • Requires to have fair knowledge on internal control systems in reference to marketing, human resources, and finance to ensure transparency and accountability are smoothly practised on site.
  • Requires to deal directly with respective Taupulega on consultation on technical issues relating to Teletok activities and developments on site to ensure provision of consistent and reliable domestic services to customers as per decision from CEO.
  • Have a good understanding of the TPS HRM 2004 (or Teletok HRM if applied then), monitor and work closely with HRM to provide assistance on any HR issues regarding staff leave application, evaluation of staff performance, behaviour, misconduct, and reactions to workplans and daily activities.
  • Report directly to main office on issues that might affect Teletok services on site with recommendations on resolutions that help to settle any dispute between Taupulega and Teletok.
  • Other duties may not be specified above but directed by the CEO.

  • Sustainability of healthy networks infrastructures.
  • Consistent delivery of services.
  • Upskill local capacity.
  • Reliable internet service.

Qualifications, Experience and Skills Required
  • Diploma and/or Bachelor Degree in telecommunication and networking, IT, Computer Science, and other related disciplines from recognised institutions.
  • Minimum three years holding a senior technical position in any telco and/or other related organisation.
  • Pragmatic, diligent, and knows the job well.
  • Capable of sharing knowledge and skills to train and upskill the local technical capacity.
  • Others may not be specified but requires in normal practice.

Deadline – Friday, 19 July 2019 at 4.00pm TKT.

Applications to be submitted to the following officer contact details:
Mrs. Taitai Penehe
HR Manager
Teletok, Fakaofo, Tokelau
Office line: +69023107
Mobile: +690733240
Mobile (Roaming): +6857702786
Email –