The Government of Tokelau wishes to invite applications from suitably qualified, experienced, and
proven knowledgeable of Tokelau candidates to the Commissioner’s position.

According to Rules 3 of the Tokelau Employment Commission Rules 2016;

3.  (1) The Commissioner shall be appointed by the General Fono.
     (2) The appointment shall be for a term not exceeding 3 years and, subject to paragraph (3), may be renewed.
     (3) The Commissioner must be a person who– i) Is of proven integrity and impartiality and ii) by virtue of qualification, knowledge of Tokelau,                and demonstrated competence and experience shows he or she will be able to effectively discharge the functions of Commissioner.

Commissioner, the head of the TPSC provide overall leadership and management of this independent
national institution. Oversees the establishment and review of public service policies and procedures
and ensure adherence by public servants, and provides advice to the Minister for Public Service and
the Government on the management of the public service.

Duties and responsibilities
The Commissioner is accountable for the undertaking of the following duties and responsibilities:
  1. develop and review policies, systems, standards and procedures for the effective management and coordination of the Tokelau public service;
  2. assist as appropriate national and village Directors and General Managers (‘GM’) conduct department and village staff performance appraisal process;
  3. conduct department and village Directors and GMs annual performance reviews;
  4. assist as appropriate national and village Directors and GMs manage their departments and villages;
  5. on regular basis consult and advise the Minister for Public Services on public service matters;
  6. act as adviser to the Government on the management of the Public Service;
  7. ensure adherence of public service policies by all public servants;
  8. manage and mitigate disputes and grievances between employees and employers
  9. all other duties and responsibilities stipulated in the Tokelau Employment Commissioner Rules 2016.

The successful candidate will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Office of the Council for the Ongoing Government of Tokelau
  1. Excellent senior level leadership and management experiences with at least 10 years working experience in a senior role.
  2. At least 5 years’ experience in providing high level advisory support to government or similar national or international institution
  3. A degree in public sector management or in a related field of studies from a recognized tertiary institution
  4. A person with the right aptitude, mindset and commitment to lead and oversee the services and functions of the Tokelau public service
  5. Vast knowledge and experience of current issues and challenges faced by the Tokelau public service and has the relevant competence, tools and network to address them
  6. A strategic thinker, and awareness of the Tokelau culture with the ability to operate effectively within that cultural context without compromising the requirements of the role
  7. High standard written and oral communication skills in Tokelauan and English
This is a three (3) years contractual position and will be based in Tokelau. Salary package based on
the Tokelau Public Service Remuneration Framework, qualifications, skills and experience will be
negotiated with the successful candidate.

Please submit your applications to the address below no later than 5 th April 2023; Requirements: i)
application letter detailing a self-assessment against the criteria listed above (a – g); ii) updated
curriculum vitae; and iii) contact details (preferably email addresses) of 3 professional referees. Late
applications will NOT be considered.

Office of the Council for the Ongoing Government of Tokelau
Attention: Ake Puka-Mauga
P.O. Box 3298
Tokelau Apia Liaison Office
Apia, Samoa
Email:; Mobile: (685) 777 4574