VACANCY: Shop keeper Apia

Government of Tokelau
VACANCY: Shop Keeper for the Tokelau National Handicraft Centre in Apia (Closes 30 June 2017)

Job Title: Shop Keeper for the Tokelau National Handicraft Centre in Apia
Department: Economic Development, Natural Resources and Environment (EDNRE)
Reports to: Manager of Economic Development & National Marketing Coordinator
Responsible for: Support Officer - Handicraft
Work Station: Apia, Samoa
Salary: Contracted

The Department of Economic Development, Natural Resources and Environment (EDNRE) is seeking applications for the position of a Shop Keeper. The position is contracted for two years and is based in Apia, Samoa.

  • Strong time management;
  • Proficiency in Microsoft functions;
  • Sensitivity to working within the Tokelau cultural context
  • Ability to keep confidentiality of government and departmental information;
  • Excellent inter-personal/relationship skills
  • Passion for village and national development aspiration;
  • Good team player
  • Attractive skills
  • Creative and able to think outside the box for solutions
  • Strong and analytical and communication skills
  • Fluency in English, Samoan and Tokelauan
  • Business operational skills
  • Any other relevant skills
Minimum qualification of Bachelor of any related fields of Business and Commerce or even high level of experiences and skills in marketing field.

The Shop Keeper is responsible to the Manager of Economic Development Unit and is expected to:
  • Complete all tasks and assignments from the Tokelau National Handicraft Committee (TNHCo), Manager of Economic Development, Director of EDNRE & Minister of EDNRE;
  • Assist the National Marketing Coordinator and the Manager of Economic Development (EcD) in achieving AWP on the allocated dates specifically on Tokelau National Handicraft Centre (TNHCe);
  • Report monthly to the Manager of EcD on the TNHCe progressive report and financial report;
  • Assist the National Marketing Coordinator in identifying market opportunities and risks through research;
  • Create effective linkages with the respective groups and businesses for handicrafts purposes;
  • Develop effective plans, ways and ideas for an ongoing operational;
  • Support corporate culture, growth and development in a supportive, honest and open manner;
  • Prepare and update financial report
  • Ability to operate and management the TNHCe
  • Promote Tokelau Handicrafts and Culture
  • Any other tasks as an when required
  • Minister of EDNRE
  • Director of EDNRE
  • Tokelau Finance Department
  • Taupulega
  • Village CBOs
  • Village GMs
  • Manager of Economic Development
  • Regional and international development agencies
Closing date for applications: 4.00pm, Friday 30 June 2017. Late applications will not be considered.

Please send your electronic copy of application letter, copy of your CV and names of two referees to the following address:
Peteleema Eti Tefoepua
Manager of Economic Development
Nukunonu, TOKELAU
Office Phone +690 730075 (working hours)